Why Asfalia?

Experts in the computerized systems of the life sciences sector

Why choose us as your trusted consultancy?

Because of our vocation of work oriented to obtain the best results and because we consider with professional rigor the specific needs, characteristics and circumstances of each of our clients.

For more than 20 years we have executed all kinds of projects related to the life cycle of a wide variety of computerized systems. Now we put that experience and operational capacity at your disposal to offer you specific and personalized strategies and thus be able to satisfy your needs.

Experts in computerized systems of the life sciences sector

There is no ideal project model, but throughout our career, we have helped a large number of companies start their computerized systems validation projects from scratch. Many times, our clients start with a specific need resulting from a non-conformity, deviation or implementation of a system, and speaking with our experts they realize that their quality system does not include computerized systems, or these are included indirectly and consequently, the processes and services related to the systems are cumbersome, too bureaucratic and inefficient. That is where our staff can apply all their experience and create quality systems related to computer systems, accurate, effective, efficient, agile and useful, to ensure compliance with any applicable regulations.

Specialists in the life cycle of the computerized systems

Asfalia is proud to say that we are specialists in the world of computer system validations, thanks to our experience of more than 20 years. Thanks to it, we have developed our own pragmatic methodology that allows us to cover the various regulatory needs of our clients in an effective and efficient manner, providing added value to each project executed. No matter the provider, the type of system or project, or whether it is a system implementation, upgrade or retirement, by choosing us as your trusted supplier, you get a travel companion with the knowledge and ability to minimize risks and ensure the success of each project.

Qualified and highly committed staff

And it is not only us that say so, but the feedback received from our clients, such as:

“Qualified staff, very attentive, with a proactive attitude to solving problems and focused on the problems of their clients.”

Cristina Sánchez
Validations Manager
Labiana life sciences.

“Asfalia delivers a very good service, it has a professional and accessible team that adapts to the needs of the company and provides great value in everything related to the validation of computer systems.”

Anna Andujar
Quality and Training Team Leader
Fundación GEICAM

At Asfalia we are committed to our clients and projects from the first meeting of the project and we continue to be so even when it has ended. Since you never know when an audit is going to examine the life cycle of a system, Asfalia is always available to our clients to answer any questions they may have before, during or after inspections or audits.

Committed with sustainability

At Asfalia we work with a high degree of social commitment: we firmly believe that companies can and must build a more sustainable, fair and equal world through social responsibility actions. For this reason, Asfalia does not only promote a series of good social and environmental practices, but it puts them into practice by allocating part of its profits to make donations to local and international NGOs.

Asfalia Method

At Asfalia we know that all projects are different. The same computer system can be configured in a thousand ways and thus obtain different results. However, thanks to our experience we have developed a standardized yet flexible process to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of all our projects regardless of their complexity.
We start by: listening
Whether you have contacted us for a specific need or for a series of generic questions, our team of experts will listen to you and put at your disposal all our knowledge and experience to solve that, and any other need that we detect during the initial exposure.
We start by: listening
We analyse the project in depth and from all directions
Our most experienced staff will analyse your need taking into account the applicable regulations, the current state of compliance of the company and the computer system, the internal quality system, relations with third parties, such as suppliers, auditors or inspectors, the documentation provided, etc.
We analyse the project in depth and from all directions
Project planning
Once analysed, our staff will detail an action plan to achieve the objectives set. Our plans are customized, designed and focused to be agile, effective, efficient and flexible to adapt to possible changes, incidents and unforeseen situations. As part of the planning, at Asfalia we select the appropriate consultants for the project based on their knowledge and experience.
Project planning
Execution and plan monitoring
Either in the case of analysing and validating all your company's computerized systems, or correcting a non-conformity, or validating a new ERP, for instance, our consultants will always follow the established work plan, whether locally or remotely. The designated project manager at Asfalia holds regular meetings with the entire client team to communicate the project progress and status, as well as the decisions that are being made because, although Asfalia will always be available to present the work performed, ultimately, the responsible for defending the project before inspections and audits is you.
Execution and plan monitoring