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Do you want to work on projects aligned with your true interests and skills for some of the top life sciences companies? If your answer is yes, let me tell you why you should choose Asfalia to start or evolve in your professional career.

Social advantages offered by Asfalia

Flexible working hours

Hybrid work with the possibility of working from home

Family conciliation

Private health insurance (Adeslas)

Transport allowance

Make your professional career evolve in Asfalia

Whether you are a student, engineer or have a degree, if you have the attitude and commitment to continue evolving in the professional world, Asfalia is your place. From here, you can collaborate with companies in the life sciences sector to make the world better and safer for everyone.

Experts in computer system validation

If you like computer systems, if you are curious about how they work, how the evolution of technology is capable of helping companies achieve their goals, in Asfalia you will find the ultimate playground for your skills, guided by our experts in the field.

So that the world today is better than it was

If you are interested in the sector of life sciences and the impact it has on the world, if you want to collaborate with companies such as pharmaceutical and clinical laboratories, chemical industry, medical device companies, organizers of clinical studies, among others, and you like the computing environment, Asfalia is your place.

Collaborative, pleasant and professional work environment

Benefit from a work culture in which people are prioritized, because for Asfalia, our staff is the key to our success.

We believe that the best way to keep a motivated and engaged workforce is to offer our team members opportunities to do interesting, challenging and rewarding consulting work, with as many facilities as possible, including the option of working from home.

At Asfalia we offer continuous training, both internally and externally, to always be up to date with new technologies and to be able to help our clients in the best possible way, whatever their needs may be.

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