Computer system Validations

for life sciences companies

Every validation project of a computer system starts with a thorough analysis and acustomized strategy

Our consultants have analysed and managed projects for many years, which allows us to identify the best strategy, provide the appropriate suggestions to streamline the project, anticipate possible problems and inconveniences, and be more efficient and effective in the processes involved.

Validations as an opportunity for improvement

During the project of a computerized system implementation, the validation phase tends to be considered as an extra cost, a regulatory imposition or an unnecessary delay to the go live of the system or the process. Instead of perceiving validations as an extra burden on the daily work, in Asfalia we show you how to get the most out of computer validations and consider them an opportunity for improvement and a source of knowledge about the system.

In Asfalia we see the validation as a phase in the life cycle process

This entails, in addition to regulatory compliance, knowing in detail each process, the flow of data, detecting needs or improvements that had not been noticed in the definition of requirements, etc.; and all this in the early stages of the project, when changes are easier to manage. In short, the tasks that are performed during the validation of the system make us experts, both in the process and in the system.

Asfalia will accompany you along the process of validation of the computer system

taking responsibility for compliance with the regulations applicable to each system and each sector and advising you on forms of optimization. The validation of a computerized system is a procedure that guarantees that the operations and processes have been executed correctly, complying with the good practices dictated by the pertinent regulation, and thus verifying that the computer system works properly according to its intended use.


Digital Projects

Asfalia works with digitized documentation through the Adobe Sign platform, as it complies with all standards and laws, both European and American, regarding legality, security and integrity.

More agile Projects

This work methodology is more dynamic for the client than the traditional use of paper, since the exchange of information is fluid and the project documentation is immediately available at all times.

Social Responsibility

In this way, we comply with our values of social responsibility and preserve, as far as possible, the environment.