Data  integrity

Data integrity, a critical aspect to consider

Should you have any doubts about the data integrity level in your company, Asfalia can help you by evaluating the GxP data of the company

We analyse whether the GxP data complies with each of the ALCOA+ principles and create an action plan for each of the non-compliances detected.


The integrity of records and data impacts the critical decisions and key actions that are taken based on them; therefore, whether data exist in electronic or paper records, integrity is of utmost importance to industry, regulatory agencies, and ultimately, product quality and patient safety. Contact us and we will provide clear guidance to ensure that records and data management is an integral part of the quality management system and meets GxP requirements.

Data information and integration system

Robust and efficient data migrations and interfaces. In Asfalia, our IT specialists evaluate the solution at a technical level while the consultants make sure that such solution meets the needs of the system or process.

Long experience

During our long experience, we have accompanied many clients during the replacement or update of servers, or equipment for data or computer systems storage. The causes that motivate these actions are the reduction of costs, the improvement of performance and security, compliance with regulations or simply due to updating requirements of the software they host.

Thorough work

In Asfalia, we do a thorough work, going through stages such as the analysis of the integration and migration strategy, the execution of the process executed by the supplier and the verification of the final results of the data integration or migration.

Types of interfaces

If you need to periodically transfer data between two or more systems, our consultants have extensive experience in dealing with all types of interfaces, ensuring that the selection of data in the source system is executed, the method or type of communication is established and the integration and interpretation of the data in the destination system are correct. From Asfalia, we accompany the client in each step of the data migration so that this transfer is performed in a comfortable and natural way, interfering as little as possible in the activity of the company.