Who We Are

Our mission is to constitute an essential element for companies in the regulated sector when it comes to ensuring compliance of their computer systems with respect to applicable regulations, depending on the industry to which they belong.

At Asfalia

Our vision is to build up a position as a national benchmark in the regulated sector in terms of the validation of computer systems, thanks to the quality of the work performed and professional, trustworthy and lasting relationships.

Our values

Quality and security

Our company takes its name from the Greek word asfalia, which means security, since this is the pillar on which we work and the main value we aim to provide to the client. We strive for excellence in each process, by performing an impeccable quality service.

Integrity and professional ethics

Our work is performed through a series of standards and values that govern the behaviour of our workers, such as responsibility, honesty, respect, discretion and reliability, among others. At Asfalia we firmly believe that companies can and should collaborate in building a fairer and more equal world through social responsibility actions.


Para Asfalia cada proyecto y cada empresa es única. Desarrollamos un firme compromiso y responsabilidad para ir más allá del simple cumplimiento del objetivo, haciendo partícipe al cliente e implicándonos al máximo en cada detalle.


During each project we coordinate and integrate our efforts and synergies with those of the client to create a single team, thus maximizing its effectiveness and efficiency.


Thanks to our extensive experience and our flexible work methodology, we adapt to the circumstances of each project, to the sector of each company, to the needs and timelines, to ensure that the process, apart from being completed successfully, develops dynamically and according to our client preferences.

Our founding partners

Abel Salom

Computer engineer by the UPC, he began his career in the area of computer system validation at the pharmaceutical multinational AlconCusí in 1998. In 2000, he began working as Development Manager at the Barcelona headquarters of the company Seidor until 2002. Then he started working in an important consultancy of the regulated sector as Catalonia CSV Manager. Later in 2007, he founded Asfalia with the aim of collaborating and offering more customized solutions in the Life Sciences industry.

Carme Rey

Organic Chemist by the UB, has been dedicated her entire working life (since 1995) to collaborating in national and international projects of implementation of computer systems in the regulated sector, as well as tasks of validation, control, training, quality management, etc., in different companies, until she founded, together with Abel, Consultoría Asfalia, S.L., where she holds the position of Quality and Training Manager.

Our office