Support to suppliers of the life sciences industry

When a good software or service is not enough.

Have you been rejected as a supplier of the life sciences sector for not being familiar with the applicable regulations? In Asfalia we help you take the qualitative step forward that you need.

Although the responsibility for compliance with good practices (GxP regulations) falls on the regulated company, suppliers like you can and should have a considerable participation in that process. Therefore, knowing their needs and requirements will give you the extra points your company needs to be a strong candidate in the next project you are requested.

Quality system

Regulated companies should leverage the knowledge and documentation of the supplier, where appropriate, after a formal assessment. For this reason, the suppliers of the life sciences companies that provide services and/or computer systems that have a quality system are highly valued in the selection processes of regulated companies.

This quality system will allow you to provide your clients with procedures, certificates and standards, guarantee that activities are performed by competent and trained personnel, provide proof of compliance with the procedures and allow and promote continuous improvement.

Experts in the analysis of the maturity level of your quality system

In this regard, Asfalia consultants are experts in analysing the degree of maturity of the quality system of your company, generating and executing the necessary actions plan to resolve the deficiencies detected and take you to the next level of quality. Are you ready to be a trusted supplier in the regulated sector and grow your business?