Quality management

The quality management as the cornerstone of the system life cycle.

In Asfalia, we create agile, efficient and common-sense quality systems specific for computer systems

Throughout these years we have seen that when talking about quality systems, the first thing that comes to mind are dozens of documents with processes to follow, heavy and complex tasks and many signatures to request even for the simplest operations, such as opening an incident or managing a minor change in a computer system.

Contribution to the value of the company

As the computer environment is so dynamic, it is essential that companies in the sector of life sciences have an agile but robust quality system to manage their computerized systems, so that the validation personnel and the computer specialists themselves invest their time in what really adds value to the company.

Asfalia is expert in:

  • Analyse the current quality system of the company;
  • Exclude from this general quality system all operations and processes related to computerized systems;
  • Draft specific policies and procedures for computer systems that guarantee compliance with regulations in an agile but effective and, above all, efficient manner;
  • Train the personnel of the company.
If you are tired of investing time in cumbersome documents and meaningless processes, do not hesitate and contact our staff; we will be happy to make your life easier.