IT infrastructure

The infrastructure, one of the four pillars of a computerized system.

Infrastructure, software, personnel and documentation are the basis of every computer validation

The management of the quality of the computer infrastructure, whether it is managed by the company or controlled by third parties, in case of having systems in the cloud, is one of the main services of Asfalia.

Our team of technical consultants provides support for infrastructure management to ensure that processes such as security, configuration and maintenance are correct and properly controlled. To do this, Asfalia qualifies all infrastructure elements, such as server rooms, networks, hardware and its peripherals, operating systems, hypervisors, middleware, servers, clients and IT tools, as detailed in the Good Practice Guide: “IT Infrastructure Control and Compliance”, related to the GAMP guide.

And if the system is in the cloud, there is no problem: Asfalia analyses or audits the supplier to make sure that it performs the management, control and maintenance of the infrastructures as you would do yourself.